It’s the smallest things
that matter.

There’s no need to face hearing loss alone. Shire Hearing are here for you.


Every day, technology is evolving and improving.

At Shire Hearing, we’re always up to date with the latest hearing technologies. We’re about fostering long term relationships, and we walk alongside you throughout your hearing journey. If you have noticed some decline in your hearing, hearing aids may make a huge difference for you.You don’t know what you’re not hearing and we guarantee that even you will be surprised to hear what you’ve been missing out on!Whether its hearing the whispers of your cheeky grandchildren, the crisp sound of your favourite music or the wonderful sounds of the Sutherland Shire’s beaches and national parks, Shire Hearing is excited to help you welcome back the sounds that matter most, utilising the very latest and best hearing aid technology.


Take your first step to a better life.

We know that sometimes the biggest hurdle can just be walking through the door. At Shire Hearing, we offer a quick and easy 5 minute hearing check in store or online. (here). Small steps like these help start you on a journey to better hearing and improved quality of life.